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For over 70 years, Bisyodo has unparalleled expertise in the ancient art of traditional brush making.
We use only the highest quality materials to create our beautifully handcrafted brushes. Our exclusive brush technology, developed in Japan by Ueda Bisyodo, provides an airbrushed quality and sophisticated finish not found in other brushes. 


Some brush-shaped patterns, which are thought to have been drawn in the late Neolithic, have been found: this suggests that brush-like items already existed at the time.

In Japan’s Nara period, when Buddhism became prevalent, copying Sutra scrolls spread throughout the country, thus increasing in demand for brushes all over Japan.

Afterward, in the Heian period, Kuukai -who was also known as a master calligrapher- brought the newest brushmaking techniques back from China, passed them to brushmakers and had them create brushes to offer to the imperial court: this is said to be the beginning of Japanese brushmaking.

Brushes thus originated from “Writing”, then evolved to makeup brushes that focus more on “Drawing”.

Ueda Bisyodo is a brush workshop that has inherited the Japanese old traditional brushmaking techniques.

Characteristics of Brush making

There are mainly two origins of makeup brushes; paintbrushes born to “draw” in Europe and ink brushes born to “write” in East Asia which is famous for Kumano brush. Uyeda Bisyodo does not limit itself to Japanese tradition and adopts the world’s cutting-edge technologies and techniques, such as European hair refinement technology, to offer brushes one step beyond the existing products.

Uyeda Bisyodo’s most prominent characteristics come from the three
sophisticated brushmaking techniques.

The ability to find the best quality raw hair, passed down from our founder, Ueda Takeichi, is the basis of Uyeda Bisyodo.

Uyeda Bisyodo is proud of being the Japan’s only “Raw Hair Importer & Processing Company”.
We have provided the high quality raw hair to many brushmakers including Kumano .. The “Detection” ability we have cultivated is unrivaled.

“Refinement”, to draw out the raw hair’s natural quality, is a technique possessed only by Uyeda Bisyodo in Japan. We can refine raw hair to the highest quality, without damaging it in any way.

This process draws out the hair’s natural quality (smoothness, firmness, stability, etc.).by removing dirt, salt and oil from the hair. During this process, it is very important not to damage the hair as much as possible.By combining the European and Japanese hair refinement techniques and enhancing them, Uyeda Bisyodo has succeeded in meeting this extremely difficult demand.

Japanese traditional hair refinement technique includes “water boiling” → “drying” → “ash rubbing”. “Water boiling” is a process that dissolves and removes dirt, salt and oil. In addition to this whole process, European style uses medicinal products. Uyeda Bisyodo applies European technique with the special attention to the ratio of the medicinal products used, temperature etc., and thus has succeeded in drawing out the hair’s natural quality without damaging it.
“Hairtip Creation” to offer the ultimate touch Uyeda Bisyodo’s artisans who master the Japanese traditional techniques, are able to bind hairtips naturally without cutting them.

We believe that creating the tip means to breathe life into the brush. Creating brush tips is an extremely high level technique: the artisans who are proficient in this technique are regarded as master brushmakers. Such a delicate, intricate process enables to make the most of the raw hair’s quality to create our wonderful brushes.

Tip Creation Process


arrange the hair to create a beautiful “mountain” shape


insert hair into the frame, in order to create the shape of the tip.


fix the “mountain” shape by inserting a thread after hair has been inserted into the frame.

4.Removing extra hair

remove breakage and/or cowlick hair

5.Removing extra hair

remove breakage and/or cowlick hair

6.Brush tip complete

About Hair Quality

Uyeda Bisyodo is the Japan’s only “Raw Hair Importer & Processing Company”. Our original processing technique, which combines Japanese and European hair refinement techniques, enables to make the most of the natural quality of the hair.

All kinds of high quality natural hair have their respective characteristics: blending such unique traits gives us a wide range of possibilities.

Company Profile

Company NameUyeda Bisyodo Co., Ltd.
Address4-152, Ota Shinmachi, Yao-City, Osaka
Zip Code581-0039
EstablishmentOctober 1945
FoundationApril 1988
CEOYoshitaka Ueda
Capital10,000,000 JPY
Staff50 employees (As of April 2021.)
Bank partnersOsaka City Shinkin Bank – Yao Minami Branch.

Resona Bank – Hirano Branch.
Business field(s)Production, Sale, Import/Export of Make-up brushes, Eastern & Western brushes and drawing tools & materials Import and Sale of Raw materials
Contact InfoTEL. +81-72-948-1034
FAX. +81-72-949-2823
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