BT-01 Brush Towel for cleaning

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This is a towel designed to care for makeup brushes.
Carrying on a century-old tradition, the special bleaching process unique to Senshu towels results in a highly breathable, soft to the touch, pure and hygienic towel.
The special weave, neither two nor three layers thick, makes it pleasant to use.
Made with 20-count cotton thread, the special 3-layer gauze weave halves the amount of fabric in the center, creating a ?g2.5 layer gauze towel.?h The atypical weave produces a distinct fluffy and soft texture. It highly absorbent without being bulky or stiff, and even dries quickly. It also has a tag that allows you to easily hang in to dry after washing.
When you finish using your brush, gently clean makeup from the tip by gliding the head of the brush on the towel. Or, after washing your brush, use the towel to gently remove moisture.

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Dimensions 220 mm


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