B-ES-09 Eye Finger Brush (Finger type)

¥3,200 (¥3,520 Tax incl. in Japan)

1. Avoid from damaging the cream and not getting your fingers dirty.

2. Adjustable by doubling the layer as you desire.

3. You can use almost every cream or jell by scooping them out.

4. Gentle than your finger.

5. Better adhesion to your skin and blending them in.

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Specialized for Cream Eyeshadow.

When you try to put on a cream or jell on, you get your nails in the cream which you need to wash your hands and nails. This brush can get the job done without getting your nails dirty. Gentle touch, better gloss, gradation control can be easily done just by using this brush.

Brush Length. (mm) 147
Bristler Length. (mm) 12
Bristle type PBT
Ferrule type Brass
Handle type Rose Wood

Additional information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 147 mm


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